mannyantares (mannyantares) wrote in nehardcore,

an opportunity to make EXTRA MONEY!!!

alright guys, we all know those tedious process that people post that will make you money...they just dont tell you that you have to have goat sex and then cut off your leg to make it. but finally, this one is completely legitimate!!

simple pays you to search on google. simple as that! the max number of searches per day allowed, is 40 and you make $.02 per search. sounds dumb, but in a month, you'll make $25 extra bucks! the catch is, if you refer people and they do it too, then you'll make money off their searches as well!! for instance, i've referred 3 people so far. they'll do their 40 searches a day and so will i, so at the end of the month i'll get paid $100!! it only takes 10mins to do your 40 searches, its free to sign up, you dont lose any money if you dont do it everyday or anything. this is for real guys! if you have questions, feel free to ask me! just use this link to sign up!! good luck!!
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